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"The way here" or how the Soudesune shop happened

Soudesune Brands "The way here"

Pandemic as a prequel

It was one month into corona pandemic. Tokyo. We are working from home. Rare to meet people in the street, if yes, everyone was over-cautious. No-one was without the mask, no-one is in the trains—a strange, strange thing—the busiest subway system in the world without passengers. Rare. 


Old ways are gone 

The air cleaned. Old ideas, with its old ways, are obviously dead. The new has to emerge. Yes - but what, where, how, now?  

We had to do something, divert, change, lift the page, go to the next thing - anything.  


In the past is the future

Look back and dig for gems. We did look and dug. For pursuits we thought is cool to do, did not have time or energy to entertain: busy hustle-bustle, no space to breath.  

And there it was. Let us do the T-Shirt shop. We always wanted to do. Our hard drives are full of graphics. Give it a chance. Show it to the people. Inspire. 

Soudesune Brands emerged

We reused the domain we had for years now. And created the Soudesune Brands, a retail space for brands. We love brands, we make them. Now we will have a place to show them to people.