[ TYORPS ] Key Visual



Repose Tokyo is the initial series we released as a reaction to the unusually empty streets of Tokyo. The city felt as in repose.
The wards stopped & calmed down.
It felt as if the city would breathe in, to get ready for the next challenge.

An Idea 

Jayce & Zon Chan produced this poetic piece. They managed to capture the atmosphere of Tokyo at the time. The repose of the city. The moment in the of the pandemic.
Seeing it got me thinking.
I conceptualised the possibility of using the atmosphere of this video. Take the legacy value it possesses. Freeze it in the frame, and translate it into a wearable.
"Take the tape and place it on to the T-Shirt sort of speaking".
The Repose series was born.

The Concept




The TYORPS Series 


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